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Fuck Yeah Mindy Kaling
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We get to see Mindy as single and realizing her feelings for Danny. We’ve played it kind of the opposite way until now, so the point of view shifts and it’s Mindy looking at him in a way she hadn’t before, which is really fun. [x]
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28 March 2014 (1, 2, 3, 4)

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Mindy Kaling visits the Vogue Closet for a fitting (x)

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Mindy: Do your impression of him asking [his wife] like whats going on.

Ike: [Messina voice] So uh Jenn uh… you know about this twitter? You know people that do it? What… what is it? Is it like email?

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Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina at The Mindy Project Paleyfest 2014 Panel on March 25, 2014

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When Chris and I kiss each other, we kiss with our tongues because that’s how [people] kiss in real life. Most actors don’t do that because it’s an intimate line that they won’t cross, but I feel so close with Chris that I don’t. My only other experience was with B.J. [Novak on The Office] where we also used our tongues. So I’ve only kissed two men on camera, and one is my ex-boyfriend and the other is Chris, who I’ve known for so long. Even in the April 1 episode, Chris also grabs my breasts. Kissing with tongue is really five steps below that! B.J. never really grabbed my naked breast on The Office. [Laughs] But in this instance with the butt grab because there was so much pent-up sexual tension, I said to Chris beforehand, “[The camera] is going to be pulling out on the shot, so if you want to move your hand further down do it.” He couldn’t take off my jacket because then people would think we’re about to have sex, but it can be an expression of however it was what he wanted. So I gave him permission. Sometimes I feel [the butt grab] got more attention than the kiss! We even had other takes where his hands were on my ass for a longer amount of time.
~ Mindy Kaling (x)
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